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Data Warehouse for Analytics and Reporting

Established a robust data warehouse for Burak Altas Affiliate Marketing, consolidating information from diverse traffic sources. The system facilitates comprehensive analysis and reporting using technologies like Postgres, Airbyte, various REST APIs, React, Temporal, and Docker for efficient containerization.


Service:Data Warehouse Development, API Integration, Reporting System

Client:Burak Altas Affiliate Marketing

  • Postgres for data storage
  • Airbyte for data integration
  • Integration with various REST APIs
  • React for frontend development
  • Temporal for workflow orchestration
  • Docker for containerization

Following a comprehensive project analysis and an assessment of readily available systems, the decision was made to create a customized solution to meet all of Burak Altas Affiliate Marketing's unique needs.

The task of creating a robust data warehouse that would consolidate data from a multitude of traffic sources via various REST APIs for thorough analysis and insightful reporting in the competitive world of affiliate marketing was assigned to us.

For data storage, Postgres was utilized, and efficient system-wide data integration was achieved using Airbyte. The construction of the frontend was done using React to provide an intuitive interface for analytics and reporting. Workflow orchestration was effectively managed with Temporal, and Docker was applied for seamless containerization of services, contributing to the system's robustness and scalability.

The technologies primarily employed by the data warehouse were as follows:

  • Postgres
  • Airbyte
  • Various REST APIs
  • React
  • Temporal
  • Docker
Burak Altas

Burak Altas

Burak Altas Affiliate Marketing

The service provided by BradBit transformed our approach to data analysis and reporting. It enables us to make informed decisions based on comprehensive analytics. The system is robust, reliable, and the results have exceeded our expectations.
Burak Altas Affiliate Marketing

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