Customer story

Vision-RTK 2 Interface Refactor

Revamped the web interface for Fixposition AG's RTK-GNSS (Vision-RTK 2) positioning device, implementing system-level command parsing and execution. Applied React for frontend enhancement and NestJS for backend development.


Service:Web Interface Refactoring, System Command Implementation


  • React for frontend (AntUI)
  • NestJS for backend
  • System command parsing and execution (journalctl, systemd, etc.)

A complete overhaul of the web interface for the Vision-RTK 2 positioning device was sought by Fixposition AG. A solution was needed to enable effective parsing and execution of system-level commands. Additionally, the improvement of both the frontend and backend was deemed crucial to enhancing the overall user experience and productivity.

The frontend underwent a transformation using React, rendering it more interactive and user-friendly. On the backend, NestJS was employed to manage the parsing and execution of system-level commands for the embedded device. This included tracking the status of commands and parsing and communicating the results back to the frontend interface. These changes significantly contributed to the predictability of the device's behavior and the stability of command execution.

All these improvements were implemented using the following technologies:

  • React
  • NestJS
  • AntUI

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