Customer story

Digital Transformation with ERPNext

Implemented ERPNext for a Confidential Client in consulting, optimizing CRM, accounting, project, and employee management for enhanced operational efficiency.


Service:ERP Implementation (Customization, Integration)

Client:Confidential Client (Consulting)

  • CRM module customization
  • Accounting system integration
  • Project management module setup
  • Employee management enhancements
  • User training

Having comprehensively understood the project goals and conducted a meticulous evaluation of existing solutions, the decision was made to implement a bespoke solution tailored to meet the client's unique needs.

Initiating business process transformation within the consulting industry, the confidential client aimed to leverage ERPNext for improvements in customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, project management, and employee management.

Specific needs were addressed through the customization of the CRM module, and the execution of integration with the existing accounting system took place. The efficiency of client project execution was enhanced with the introduction of the project management module. Simultaneously, nuanced requirements prompted system-wide enhancements to employee management, complemented by user training to align with the client's needs.

The delivery of this project was facilitated through the utilization of the following technologies:

  • ERPNext
  • Python
  • Frappe Framework
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Employee Management
Project Owner

Project Owner

Confidential Client (Consulting)

ERPNext implementation by BradBit GmbH greatly improved our operational efficiency. We commend their exceptional work customizing and integrating the system to meet our unique requirements. The user training was particularly useful in speeding up our transition to the new system.
Confidential Client (Consulting)

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