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Custom Job Queue Platform

Crafted a bespoke job queue platform with resilient worker nodes, ensuring "guaranteed once" job execution via a replayable persistent message queue. Leveraged technologies such as NATS, JetStream, Postgres, NestJS, and React for seamless performance.


Service:Custom Job Queue Development, System Integration

Client:Confidential Client (IoT)

  • Highly available worker nodes
  • "Guaranteed once" job execution
  • NATS and JetStream for messaging
  • Postgres for data storage
  • NestJS for backend development
  • React for frontend development

After a thorough understanding of the project's requirements and evaluating the available ready-to-use solutions, the decision was made to build a bespoke solution that would cater to the unique needs of our confidential client from the IoT sector.

A distinct request for a custom job queue platform was presented by the client. The platform was required to sustain highly available worker nodes, ensuring "guaranteed once" job execution. This objective was facilitated by a replayable persistent message queue, which played a core part in achieving the desired result.

In the role of System Architect and Software Developer, the optimal job queue platform for the client was crafted. Achieving high availability was deemed crucial, leading to the implementation of robust worker nodes to ensure job execution even in unfavorable circumstances. Technologies such as NATS and JetStream were employed for effective messaging, and Postgres was utilized for reliable and secure data storage. NestJS served as the backbone for backend development, and React was chosen to create a user-friendly and efficient frontend.

The realization of the project was accomplished through the utilization of the following technologies:

  • NATS (JetStream)
  • Postgres
  • React
  • NestJS
Project Owner

Project Owner

Confidential Client (IoT)

The creation of our bespoke job queue platform delivered by BradBit GmbH has significantly enhanced our processes, providing a more efficient and reliable system. The "guaranteed once" job execution has been a standout feature, and we're highly impressed with the overall result.
Confidential Client (IoT)

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