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Surf Retreat Ads Optimization

Enhanced and fine-tuned Google Ads campaigns for Mentawai Surf Retreat, significantly boosting customer acquisition. Simultaneously conducted minor bug fixes on the website during the relaunch phase.


Service:Google Ads Optimization, Website Bug Fixes

Client:Mentawai Surf Retreat

  • Google Ads campaign restructuring
  • Website bug fixes
  • SEO optimization

The primary focus was directed towards enhancing the client's Google Ads campaigns, with the objective of achieving a significant boost in customer acquisition. Additionally, in the context of a website relaunch, attention was given to addressing minor bug fixes to ensure a smooth experience for visitors.

In the role of a Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Developer, the approach was twofold. Firstly, a thorough reevaluation of the existing Google Ads campaigns was undertaken, optimizing them to target potential customers more accurately and effectively. This resulted in a significant upsurge in customer acquisition rates. Secondly, identification and rectification of minor bugs on the website were carried out, ensuring a smooth launch without causing any inconvenience to users.

In the execution of the project, emphasis was placed on the following areas:

  • Restructuring of the Google Ads campaigns
  • Addressing and fixing website bugs
Vere Dixon-Smith

Vere Dixon-Smith

Mentawai Surf Retreat

The optimization of our Google Ads campaigns and the timely fixing of minor website bugs by BradBit GmbH was exceptional. We've seen a significant increase in customer acquisition, and our website relaunch was smooth and successful.
Mentawai Surf Retreat

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