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Fault Tolerant Multi Cloud Mesh Network

Engineered a fault-tolerant mesh network for a Confidential Client in the automotive sector, enabling seamless device connectivity to the cloud and among themselves. The network boasts resilience to node loss without compromising connectivity.


Service:Infrastructure Architecture, Management, Deployment

Client:Confidential Client (Automotive)

  • internal mesh network for developing and testing new features
  • smart routing
  • load-balancing
  • mutualTLS

A fault-tolerant mesh network was required by the client to enable seamless connectivity between their diverse range of devices and the cloud. Additionally, this intricate network was expected to endure the loss of a node without sacrificing connectivity.

In the role of Infrastructure Architect and Administrator for this task, the strategic engineering of an adaptive mesh network was undertaken. Embedding smart routing and load balancing allowed for the optimization of resource allocation and traffic distribution. The in-built internal mesh network facilitated the development and testing of new features. For heightened security, mutualTLS was adopted to ensure secure communication across the network.

The successful execution of this resourceful project was achieved through the utilization of the following technologies:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • OpenZiti
Project Owner

Project Owner

Confidential Client (Automotive)

BradBit GmbH delivered a fault-tolerant multi-cloud mesh network that has greatly improved our device connectivity and resilience to node loss. Our operations are now running seamlessly, and we appreciate BradBit GmbH for successfully meeting our complex requirements.
Confidential Client (Automotive)

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