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Secret Management for CI/CD Pipeline

Implemented robust secret management for CI/CD pipeline, development, staging, and production environments. Enabled secret injection and rotation in both local and cloud environments using Infisical, Docker, and Terraform.


Service:Secret Management Implementation, Local and Cloud Integration

Client:Confidential Client (Finance)

  • Secret injection and rotation
  • Infisical for secret management
  • Docker for containerization
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code

Secure secret management for the CI/CD pipeline across development, staging, and production environments was sought by our confidential client in the Finance sector. The objective was to ensure the highest level of security in both local and cloud environments through the seamless injection and rotation of secrets.

Through Infisical, secure management and secret injection were established. The capability to package and deploy code as standardized units was achieved with the utilization of Docker. Terraform, chosen for handling infrastructure as code, contributed to reduced potential errors during configuration changes and enhanced the overall system's dependability.

The successful execution of this task was made possible through the utilization of a combination of the following technologies:

  • Secret injection and rotation
  • Infisical
  • Docker
  • Terraform
Project Owner

Project Owner

Confidential Client (Finance)

BradBit GmbH enhanced our system's security with secret management, ensuring smooth CI/CD pipeline operations in all environments. Their professionalism impressed us, and the solution exceeded expectations.
Confidential Client (Finance)

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